Character Quiz Answers

We just play a game named character quiz this game available at Google Play market for free, how to play character quiz is simple guess each cartoon character you recognize, we already complete the TV series section, there’s 50 cartoon character, this game little bit hard because some character are famous at 8 or 10 years a go, may be you should ask your friend, or your little brother to get all solutions for this game. But if you can’t get the right answer then use this hints.

arnold bart bender benny
bombon brain bugs bunny burbuja
buttercup charlie chuckie courage
dexter don-gato ed edd
elroy fred hamtaro homer
ling ling lulu maggie marge
matute milhouse moe mr burns
nelson panza pebbles pinky
roadrunner Santa’s Little Helper scooby spook
tommy tomy y daly choochoo waylon smithers
brain dee-dee eddy gerald
helga i.r baboon johnny lisa
wile coyote yogi bear

character quiz answers for tv series section done, next we will update for anime character section, you can use google images to solve this game, capture screenshot then upload it into google images, and google will find the solutions for you 😀

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