Cartoon Quiz Answers Level 1 – 2

This is answers for Cartoon Quiz Which character is that? a simple game, if you love to watch cartoon on television or movies than you should try this game, this game will test how many cartoon character do you can remember, in this game not only a new cartoon character but there’s a lot old character that popular in ten  or twenty years ago so we think this game not only for teenager but also for whole family.

Cartoon Quiz Level 1 stage 1 to 25

birthday bear chuckie finster splinter krusty the clown
bibi blocksberg papa smurf rerun van pelt funshine bear
alfred j kwak handi lou pickles bamm bamm rubble
azrael willy paul hans moleman
pebbles flintstone odie april o’neil rod flanders
spongebob squarepant abraham jebediah sailor saturn mr burns

Cartoon Quiz Level 2 stage 1 to 24

mr largo brain barney sally brown
donatello sailor pluto phil deville cherr bear
vanity squidward tentacles homer simpson misty
harmony wilma flintstone linus van pelt orson
bumpety boo henk scratchy karla kolumna
lenny leonard apu didi pickles poet

If you stuck with cartoon quiz then you visit the right page because this is the solutions, hints or clue for level 1 and 2. If you already done with this level and want need more cheats please visit our facebook page we can share the next level answers, just capture your screen and upload and we will answer it.

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