Can You Escape This House Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Can you escape this house walkthrough level 1 to 8, this is the best design game that we found at google play for free in this week, if you often play and illogical puzzle game then you should try this game because this is the most logical game that we play using our samsung galaxy tab, no error or glitch found, but if you want to continue playing next level it cost $0.99

Can You Escape this House level 1. go to desk at the corner, open drawer and pick up star, tap box under the bed then put star on it, pick up key and use to open door.

Can You Escape this House level 2. tap book shelf remember the jar cover color, then open the referigerator tap present and remember the number 294, go to door tap square panel then change color to red, yellow, blue, white and change number to 294.

Can You Escape this House level 3. tap small black toolbox and pick up wrench, now tap bigger box at left side and use wrench to open, pick up chip, tap TV at the middle then insert chip and remember the number 3433, tap rolling door tap lock panel beside rolling door then tap 3433 and tap enter.

Can You Escape this House level 4. tap bed remember the blanket color stripes, tap cupboard at the right corner change color to red, green, blue, white and tap circle pick up key. now tap drawer under the mirror use key to open drawer, pick up cloth. tap painting on left wall and use cloth to rub, remember the letters AC, go to door insert letter AC then tap red button.

Can You Escape this House level 5. tap the window, slide right curtain and open box, pick up key, go to referigerator tap toolbox with padlock under table, use key to open then pick up hammer, go to TV beside door use hammer to turn it on, remember the letter ESCAPE, go to door tap panel then tap letter P at the keyboard.

Can You Escape this House level 6. tap pool table and remember the ball number 1 5 7, tap card table remember the card king, queen and 10, tap left arrow on your screen then tap 2 LCD monitor at the wall, insert number 035and tap button at the left screen and right screen insert J at the top 9 at the bottom pyramid ( 35 = 1*5*7)

Can You Escape this House level 7. count the bottle and glasses at the table, tap TV open right cabinet and pickup remote, use remote to turn on TV then insert 5 : 6, now you have letter < D and> B, go to sofa then tap see see letters north, tap left chair and see the letters CK, go to door tap the panel insert CKC and tap bottom and top button, ( <D and> B = before letter D and after letter B)

Can You Escape this House level 8. tap corner under the checkerboard shelf open tap chest end pick up key, tap shelf at the right door tap bottom chest open using key and pick up another key (2nd key), tap chest under left table open using 2nd key and pick up 3rd key, tap chest under the green plant at left open using 3rd key and pick up 4th key, tap chest under right table open using 4th key then pick up 5th key, use this key to open door.

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