Best Browser for Android

There are plenty of android browser developed by the developer. But from that many browser for andorid, now we would to share our list of the best browser for android that you can use for your android device. The first browser that we are going to introduce is the default android browser. Compared to another browser for android, the Android browser give you advantages like it renders the pages pretty quickly, let you control the cookies and other data that each website can log. The average site load speed using the Android browser is about 8.25 seconds.

    From the android browser now we move to the chrome beta that we think as one of the best browser for your android device. The chrome beta is noticeably faster than the Android browser in terms of the average site load spees. The chrome beta has average site load speed around 6.98 seconds, or more than 1 second quicker compared to the Android browser. Other than providing a nice speed, this browser also have nice gradients and animations, which make this browser to be pleasing to look at. And also providing features that enabled you to snyc open tabs, other data, or passwords, between desktop chrome and mobile chrome. And whenever you are starting to open a new tab the will give you choice between your bookmarks and the most visited sites from your browser.

    The next android browser that we think as one of the best browser for android is the firefox beta. The firefox beta for android has an average site load speed around 10.72 seconds, or slower than the Android browser and the chrome beta. But the firefox beta main advantage is they give you smooth experience surfing through the internet and has a stylish interface with a good tab management system. And even though the page load slower compared to another browser, this firefox beta can handle plug-in and complex layout better than the other browser.

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