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If you having difficulties to find 94% answers in this web because had different level question I hope with this question index you will easier found the solutions for the android version or iOS version. This scimob game hasn’t update in this week but usually the developer will add new level every 11 or 15 days depends on the operating system of the smartphone that you use. For the android version now we can play 45 level and for the iphone or ipad we can play until level 35, but unfortunately 94% game not available for all country because this game only available  for US, Spanish, French and Germany. This 94 percent answers only for US English because I can only speaks using this language.


Things you find in a pencil case
Fruit with seeds or pits
Firefighter trucks picture

First thing you do in the morning
Something that requires a ticket
Chalk at board pictures

Job you wanted to do when you were a kid
It’s round
Onion picture

Adjective to describe height
Things you see in sky
Student raise hand picture

Things that go around
String instruments
Hand shake picture

It grows quickly
Exotic fruit
French fries picture

It’s yellow
Words used by the weatherman
Couple wake up late

I wish my boyfriend/girlfriend was more….
Herbivorous animals
Elephant in mud picture

Things you can dilute
Las Vegas
Suitcase & sign at beach picture

It’s sweet
Things associated with brazil
Spa massage picture

Parts of a car
Something everyone has played
Glass with red wine picture

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Children love it
Countries involved in wwii
Men stressed picture

It’s red
It makes you laugh
Pasta macaroni pictures

It weighs over a ton
Make up
Pizza picture

It gets dirty quickly
It’s soft
A cup of coffee picture

A dangerous job
It makes you happy
Cheetah picture

It’s itchy
Diy tools
Formula car

Animals hatched from eggs
James bond
Formulas in blackboard picture

Percussion instruments
Woman looking painting

Objects that have a screen
Tools used for gardening
Man snoring pictures

Sounds animals make
It’s good cooked but not raw
Bee and flower picture

Types of music
Things used by a police officer
Notebook and mouse at the table

It produces heat
Something you can no longer live without
Girl with cup

It’s useful for the elderly
Noise heard in a city
Jelly fish picture

Something found in the living room
Payment methods
Picnic picture

Countries in south America
It’s slow. Turtle Snail Traffic Computer Sloth
Log pile pictures

Green vegetables
It’s forbidden on a plane
Van at beach

Parts of an airplane
Something you do before you go to bed
Cactus pictures

It smells good
Old records

It makes you feel better when you are sick
Jesus statue picture

A good place to party
Child with airplane toy

People collect them
Pregnant woman
Pills picture

Equipment used by Indiana jones
It brings bad luck
Matches burn picture

eggs picture

Sombrero hat pictures

something you use every day
wind instruments
factory picture

something used for cooking
bulls and land rover picture

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you can’t buy it
species of fish
kids with binoculars

it’s good for you, but you don’t like it
beehive bee picture

you eat with bread
something you do while on the phone
japan house & lake picture

San Francisco
Girls’ names ending in A
cart in supermarket picture

Things you wear around your neck
Wood log and axe picture

A change of …
flour, egg and butter picture

It’s difficult to say
Donut picture

Something you never have enough time to do
Moon picture

Something found in a castle
Star Wars
Dolphin in pool picture

Harry Potter
Pizza topings
underwater picture

A pair of …
People crossing street

Things associated with Egypt
Marine animals
Feet in a water picture

Bird toucan picture

Hammer hand and nail picture

Types of rodents
Pink ice cream cone picture

Words that end with Z
dice picture

Types of dogs
checking electricity picture

Something you often lose
Objects that have buttons
Car painting picture

imaginary creatures
jobs that involve travelling
couple build furniture

English words starting with “y”
cooking terms used in recipes
pyramid picture

slang for money
it’s blue
cat inside bucket picture

a pot of
something you celebrate
squirrel picture

things found in a tube
a … table
horseshoe picture

A bag of …
Sports played without a ball
penguins at snow picture

Children still belive in it
Something that foams
A beaver picture

Means of communication
build a house picture

It rolls
Parts of a horse
Sauna picture

A ball of
A personal flaw
Watching movie pictures

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A box of
Fruit that doesn’t grow on trees
Woman riding motorcycle picture

Fattering food
Interview picture

Things at the fair
Excuse for being late
Pilot in cockpit picture
Something crunchy
Types of fabric
Finger push button picture

Something that melts
First thing you do when you get home from work
Footprint in desert

You eat it raw
It stings
Perfume bottles picture

Very slow animals
Something you need on a desert island
Clown with balloons picture

Shades of yellow
Means of transportation
People hiking picture

Something you miss when on vacation
Three letter animals
Watching airplane take off picture

School supplies
Things that light up
Picnic basket picture

Something you eat in one bite
Something you never run out of at home
Earth and 3 green arrows

Something found in the bathroom
Boys names ending in L
Space and satellite picture

Something you smash
it’s bitter
house farm and mountain picture
With this 94% game question index now you can easily find the answers, because every device has different question in same level.

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