Android Tablet With Phone Capabilities

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If having an android tablet along with an android phone is still not enough for you how about considering the option to have an android tablet with phone capabilities or choosing a phone that can also be used like a tablet ? You can one of the option to solve your problem. But usually looking for a phone that have the ability like a tablet is a bit easier rather than looking for an android tablet with phone capabilities. For example take a look at Samsung, this giant electronic company from South Korea already introduced their Galaxy Note products which is quite a popular choice among many people.  

Because Samsung Galaxy Note providing many excellent features along with a large touch screen that makes them a bit like a tablet even though it is actually a mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy Note is one of perfect example of tablet phone hybrid, which is a very unique product considering the combination or a hybrid between tablet and phone. Meanwhile looking for an android tablet with phone capabilities is a lot tougher task to do. Because there are very very few manufacturers that already produced an android tablet with phone capabilities, and many of them are still seem not too interested in developing an android tablet with phone capabilities. It is very rare to see someone on the street carrying their tablet and use it for calling or texting their friends.

The only android tablet with phone capabilities that we know in the United States is the 5-inch Dell Streak tablet. This  5-inch Dell Streak tablet is one of the exception in the market as one of android tablet that can make a phone call. The tablet already sold for use using the AT&T network. So if you are interested in getting a tablet that can also make a phone call the  5-inch Dell Streak tablet can be your option out there.

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