Zombies On A Plane Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4

Zombies on a plane walkthrough level 1 2 3 4,  this new puzzle game available at Google play market few days a go and I just complete the game today, when play this game sometimes you can’t tap an object if your view isn’t right so try different view if you can’t move to the right position. Zombies on a plane only have 4 level to play and I hope you can solve this game without using this walkthrough.

Level 1

1. pick up cutter
2. use cutter to open box and pick up fishing rod
3. use fishing rod to pick up key under the bag
4. open locker using key, pick up stick
5. insert stick into top hole to push roll paper ( see clue & match with cards at locker)
6. open safe using code 1058775, pick up card and screwdriver
7. use screwdriver to open, then use fishing rod to pick up fuse
8. open panel using screwdriver, then put fuse
9. use cars to open door
10. pick up key from zombie
11. open box pick up rifle, then shoot the zombie

Level 2

1. tap 4th seat, tap window above bottle, slide window to see clue 1094, tap box above seat, open using code 1094, pick up knife
2. tap 2nd seat pick up pliers, use knife to cut seat belt
3. pick up butt, use knife to make hole on seat, use pliers to pick up wire, tap window then use butt to get a clue
4. tap air conditioner, change slider same with clue to get a key
5. use key to open compartments, tap book see clue and number 0336
6. tap 2nd seat, open box using code 0336, pick up magnet, combine magnet and seat belt
7. open compartments using clue from book, pick up handgun
8. use knife to cut carpet, use wire to open secret compartment, use seatbelt and magnet to pick up bullet, combine bullet and handgun
9. open curtain, then shot zombie

Level 3

1. pick up axe
2. use axe to hit zombie, pick up charger, card and tissue.
3. tap 2nd seat, tap window, pick up tape at the picture, pick up cup at the seat
4. see clue at the information panel  AI : 220391
5. back to the notebook, and insert user : AIRPLANE, pass 220391 see clue 5591
6. open box using code 5591, pick up screwdriver and matches
7. use screwdriver to open panel then put tape at wire, use matches, use screwdriver to kill zombie, turn on the light
8. pick up axe
9. open toilet / WC, use axe to kill zombie, then see it’s name tag 4522
10. open round container at 2nd seat using code 4522, pick up handle
11. back to the toilet, put the handle at sink then put cup at sink, tap handle to fill cup with water
12. tap dispenser, put cup at the dispenser, pick up cup
13. put cup at the sink, see clue 23071990, go to door then use card and insert code 23071990

Level 4

1. pick up spoon
2. use spoon to open locker, pick up knife
3. pick up key at zombie, then use knife to kill it.
4. change the frog position. ABC DEF tap frog : D C B D E F C B A D E F B A E, pick up screwdriver and clue
5. pick up ruler
6. use screwdriver to open panel then pick up battery
7. tap the radio at bottom right, insert battery, then use clue move channel to 80-20-100-40-60, got another clue 485621
8. use clue 485621 to open safe, pick up map and statue
9. put statue, then arrange from tall to short (left to right), pick up key and headphone
10. use key to open globe, pick up compass
11. tap right seat, tap above zombie, put map, put ruler, put compass got a clue 7854
12. insert number 7854, plug headphone, then use key.

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