Word Soup Answers Episode 5

This is the answers for word soup episode 5, using this post you can complete every word with confidence but please remember if you use this post to solve all word then the game will be no more challenging because it become to easy to win so be wise when using a cheats or solutions. Word soup has many similarity with word cookies or word blobs game but this game use different word inside.

You can play word soup without using this answers because every player can use free hints to reveal the first letter and then try to guess the rest, every completed level you will earn coins use it when you stuck at difficult word so you can continue play word soup without using any cheats or answers.

Word Soup Answers Episode 5

1. ego, gen, one, gone, oxen, oxygen
2. men, met, nee, net, ten, cent, meet, teen, cement
3. ice, kit, tie, cite, kite, tick, ticket
4. gin, rig, grin, iron, ring, origin
5. ace, can, hen, ache, cane, each, cache, chance
6. low, owl, woo, flow, fool, wolf, wool, follow
7. eel, eve, see, else, sell, level, levels
8. act, cat, hat, chat, tact, that, attach
9. cub, cup, lip, pub, clip, club, public
10. fin, fit, net, ten, tie, tin, fine, feint, finite
11. eel, elm, let, met, meet, melt, mettle
12. sir, sit, tic, stir, strict
13. can, fan, fig, fin, gin, nag, fain, gain, facing
14. lye, one, lone, only, yell, lonely
15. ice, ire, lie, lire, rice, relic, circle, cleric

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