Word Academy Answers : Yeti Packs - Hipster Packs - Ghost Packs

Before I share the word academy answers I want to warn you that you must use hints before find a cheats in this page, because that’s the way to supporting the developers which already build some good game for us, the developer can get money from in app purchase or the ads that shows every packs change. I hope you did not stop the internet connection or turn of wifi when play the game to avoid the ads appear at the bottom screen. You can use this word academy cheats for Yeti Packs, Hipster Packs, Ghost Packs. If you can’t buy a hints credits but still want to play the game, so share this apps and answers with other player to support the team builder.

Word Academy Answers Yeti Packs

Level 1 : Kayak Stream Float
Level 2 : Curry Cumin Fennel
Level 3 : Sloth Snail Turtle
Level 4 : Engine Bumper Gear
Level 5 : Reggae Rock Techno
Level 6 : Diaper Bottle Milk
Level 7 : Fudge Cake Brownie
Level 8 : Gerbil Rat Hamster
Level 9 : Rake Shovel Bucket
Level 10 : Film Popcorn Actor
Level 11 : Kitchen Dish Stove
Level 12 : Bath Shampoo Scrub
Level 13 : Necklace Tie Chain
Level 14 : Seal Whale Dolphin
Level 15 : Peach Cherry Grape
Level 16 : Mascara Liner Tint
Level 17 : Spatula Whisk Fork
Level 18 : Paint Sculpt Carve
Level 19 : Chainsaw Axe Drill
Level 20 : Ladder Scaffold Up

Word Academy Answers Hipster Packs

Level 1 : Coconut Hot Island
Level 2 : Board Surf Wetsuit
Level 3 : Mocha Coffee Latte
Level 4 : Bison Salami Steak
Level 5 : Hairy Fluffy Beard
Level 6 : Boater Wet Captain
Level 7 : Olive Caper Pickle
Level 8 : Cold Fever Allergy
Level 9 : Clutch Wheel Motor
Level 10 : Stone Boulder Rock
Level 11 : Calf Kitten Piglet
Level 12 : Homework Pen Paper
Level 13 : Rose Daffodil Lily
Level 14 : Jockey Rein Saddle
Level 15 : Pontoon Yacht Sail
Level 16 : Jellyfish Bite Bee
Level 17 : Carpet Wood Marble
Level 18 : Lobster Clam Squid
Level 19 : Teacher Pupil Test
Level 20 : Sleeve Seam Button

Word Academy Answers  Ghost Packs

Level 1 : Brass Copper Steel
Level 2 : Tree -Timber Lumber
Level 3 : Flood Storm Squall
Level 4 : Turnip Carrot Root
Level 5 : Fedora Beanie Head
Level 6 : Shallot Onion Bulb
Level 7 : Crush Squeeze Mash
Level 8 : Rugby Bocce Tennis
Level 9 : Stuntman Jump Fall
Level 10 : Copper Boron Radon
Level 11 : Metal Welding Heat
Level 12 : Study College Exam
Level 13 : Closet Dress Shirt
Level 14 : Cream Beige Blonde
Level 15 : Mallet Paddle Pole
Level 16 : Pine Walnut Almond
Level 17 : Salmon Trout Shark
Level 18 : Flour Sugar Baking
Level 19 : Buddy Crony Friend
Level 20 : Nacho Taco Burrito

Sometimes not easy to slide letters in word academy so if you think it’s impossible to slide / connect may be you use ‘right’ letter but in wrong position, so tap the restart button then answer using the right letter which in different position. Bookmark this page to get the latest update.

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