What’s the Brand Answers Album 8

Success completing album 7 now we post what’s the brand answers album 8, in this level we found some logo that already used at earlier level but it’s ok because we just need to roll back our memory and solve it :).  There’s more than 5 album still available to play we hope you not getting bored with this game because in level 7 and 8 we found a lot new and famous brand that never used in logo game or brand game.

Album 8

1 : holden2 : illy3 : adio4 : abbott
5 : bbva6 : chery7 : gmc8 : coors
9 : lotus10 : klm11 : mikasa12 : saturn
13 : amd14 : ripcurl15 : piaggio16 : volcom
17 : daihatsu18 : bugatti19 : kpmg20 : novartis
21 : pioneer22 : repsol23 : texaco24 : umbro
25 : walmart26 : aegon27 : airwalk28 : panda
29 : total30 : subaru31 : target32 : yoigo
33 : bacardi34 : chivas35 : caterham36 : electric
37 : HSBC38 : jetblue39 : gulfair40 : mahindra
41 : maybach42 : novotel43 : pallmall44 : santana
45 : spanair46 : swiss47 : teka48 : vans
49 : vauxhall50 : vivo

Album 8 what’s the brand answers completed, if you want we continue creating solutions for level 9 please like this post or share it with other player using your facebook and twitter, it’s very appreciated.  This solution captured using galaxy tab 2 and edited using Photoshop.

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