What’s the Brand Answers Album 14

This is the answers for what’s the brand album 14, finally i can complete this game after several days without a new update because i am too busy with my offline duty, but today i try to play this game and solve the last album because i just want to keep my promises to complete all level available in this game and create the answers.

Album 14

1 : bwin2 : indesit3 : rummikub4 : sopranos
5 : keyence6 : easyjet7 : roots8 : heroes
9 : nuvo10 : denon11 : benihana12 : rewe
13 : dea14 : zellers15 : dilmah16 : stp
17 : hoya18 : jlo19 : lorus20 : lowepro
21 : ecco22 : scifi23 : awacs24 : btcc
25 : persol26 : veolia27 : corsair28 : libbys
29 : lexmark30 : yoplait31 : gamecube32 : glycine
33 : berghaus34 : gijoe35 : punisher36 : appstore
37 : safari38 : sonim39 : sram40 : droetker
41 : stanley42 : karcher43 : furby44 : huggies
45 : certina46 : ncaa47 : buzz48 : liveleak
49 : mccain50 : maersk

what’s the brand album 14 completed, you can play another game similar with this brand guessing game if still want to play brand guessing game, we hope developer will add more album into this game because we know a lot player already reach the last album and they want to try more level.

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