What’s the Brand Answers Album 12

New update of what’s the brand answers album 12 in this level almost 80% logo is difficult to guess but 20% is easy like apple, shrek, rss, to complete all level in this album you might be need a cheats because we know not all player can recognize cropped logo or letter in this game so when you stuck just find the answers in this page. Or if you need the solutions for other level you  can use search form at top right levelstuck.com

Album 12

1 : shrek2 : costco3 : lining4 : vogue
5 : burn6 : head7 : ramones8 : lebara
9 : fendi10 : crunch11 : emule12 : mlb
13 : dole14 : agv15 : yelp16 : bellagio
17 : rss18 : eneloop19 : kangol20 : spotify
21 : pilot22 : reddit23 : crocs24 : jackass
25 : pepsico26 : clarin27 : marriott28 : nirvana
29 : gaggenau30 : purina31 : vichy32 : creative
33 : flash34 : yinyang35 : vimeo36 : cia
37 : dunhill38 : trident39 : colgate40 : axn
41 : forbes42 : vtech43 : vanish44 : varta
45 : hattrick46 : telmex47 : apple48 : jenga
49 : popcap50 : tunein

album 12 what’s the brand answers completed, looking for album 13 and 14 solutions? see related post at the bottom of this page or use search form because we only create one album in each post. To continue play this game you can guess the brands using clue or search engine.

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