What’s my IQ cheats level 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 iPhone & Ipad

hello still with the IQ cheats this is the higher level for free version mode, in this free version you can play until level 50, but if you still want to play the full version you can upgrade it cost less than . in this level what’s my IQ still challenge you with the unique question, think twice before choose the answer or you will lost your cheat is choose the wrong answer, below what’s my iQ last cheats.

What’s my IQ cheats level 41: split the cloud with two finger

What’s my IQ cheats level 42: tap 20 kg, tap 10 kg then tilt your phone left

What’s my IQ cheats level 43: move the top middle fish, tap different fish

What’s my IQ cheats level 44: tap bell 12 times quickly

What’s my IQ cheats level 45: divide the top right cloud, tap it

What’s my IQ cheats level 46: move the sun to bottom right

What’s my IQ cheats level 47: type word it


What’s my IQ cheats level 48: hold your finger at charge button


What’s my IQ cheats level 49: tap red square


What’s my IQ cheats level 50: tap  + until 18, tap OK

done all cheats what’s my iq game, this game available for iPhone and ipad for free but if you want to play until 100 level you should purchase pro version/ full version. bookmark this page to help us provide a new walkthrough.

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