US Sports Logo Quiz Answers Level 1

Us sports logo quiz answers a complete solutions for a new gamer that cannot solve a stage in level 1, this game idea  is same with logo quiz but us sports logo quiz focused only major sports team in United States, to find an answers for a stage is simple if you know the keyword for example if you know a sport team from Boston but you forget the complete team name then type Boston at the form, game will show a list team that use Boston letters.

The best American sports logo quiz game on market. Guess all the popular sport emblems including all NFL (National Football League), MLB (Major League Baseball), NBA (National Basketball Association), MLS (Major League Soccer) and NHL (National Hockey League) clubs. In this trivia game you can practice your American football, baseball, hockey, soccer and basketball knowledge. How many logos can you recognize?
Game features:
– Full American sports trivia, such as:
+ NFL logo games
+ NHL logo quiz
+ MLB logo quiz
+ NBA quiz
+ MLS logo quiz
– Game has 135 USA club logos divided into 9 levels
– 3 useful hints for every level
– Select your answer with 3 ways:
+ Typing the words and guess the team.
+ Choosing from the players or teams listed.
+ Or Speaking logos name through microphone.
– Wiki pages to learn more about teams
– Detailed game statistics
– Challenge mode – how many logos can you guess in 30 seconds? There are 3 levels: Easy, Medium and Hard
– Collect coins to unlock new challenges or use them for clues.
– Free coins!
Play games integration (sign in with your Google+ account):
– Online leader boards – easy, medium and hard rankings. Compare your results with friends
– Achievements – try to unlock all 12 achievements hidden in game.

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NOTE: All logos in this game are copyright or registered trademark of their respective owners.


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