Train Them To Cross Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Train them to cross is bridge builder game, this is addicting game for android user and if you ever play bridge constructor game or paper bridge we recommended you try this fun game and if stuck and need a guide to pass a level in this game you can use this screenshot/cheats, we create this to help you play more level that very challenging and close with the real bridge builder.

Level 1: this is easy bridge

Level 2: only need 5 steel beams to build this bridge.

Level 3: need 10 steel beams to complete this bridge.

Level 4: you can build this bridge using less than 13 steel beams.

Level 5: there’s several method to complete this level but we use 22 steel beams, but you can use less than this just try and try.

Level 6: you can try different design at the top, and use same design at the bottom.

Level 7: to save steel beams use it on bottom.

Level 8: you can build symmetrical bridge in this level, but to save steel beams we doesn’t.

Level 9: this level little bit difficult cause you must build suspension bridge, on the right part we string up 3 steel to strengthen this bridge.

Level 10: in this bridge left part seems less useful, but trust me with this design you can complete this level 😀


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