Time Travel Escape Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Level 7

1. pick up cup, solve the jigsaw to get clue
2. pick up candle, tap shield, change symbol to cross, hexagram, moon, yin yang then pick up ring
3. put ring then change the direction, green down, brown right, purple left, pick up handle. fill cup with water from barrel (faucet)
4. put candle at left hand, then cup at right, see clue and pick up sword
5. put handle then use clue #4
6. tap shield then use clue #1 top left 3 green lotus, top right 2 red lion, bottom left 1 white lion, 1 white lotus, pick up sword
7. put sword at left and right of the door


Level 8

1. there’s 2 clue here at the wall and roll, pick up hook, and set the liquid level to 1432 to get yellow diamond
2. change number to 5 4 10 3, pick up blue diamond
3. remember the symbol
4. remember the symbol
5. tap similar symbol at clue #3 and #4 to get stick
6. pick up rope, then combine with hook
7. use stick to make hole. then use hook to pick up skull
8. put skull then change handle to down up down, pick up red diamond
9. put all diamond here and get a coin
10. put coin then fix the direction to up

Level 9

1. solve the jigsaw
2. pick up cheese and see clue
3. pick up handle
4. put handle to open jail
5. pick up cage, then combine with cheese
6. pick up handle
7. put handle then change position on jail (top, bottom, middle) now you has bridge
8. put cage, pick up rat
9. pick up bucket then combine with mouse
10. put mouse, then tap hook mouse will find the key
11. open door

Level 10

1. pick up bottle
2. use bottle to turn off fire, then pick up piece of paper
3. tap then arrange the jigsaw and get clue 1812
4. put piece of papers then arrange by its form, 146 859 711 (1-3 row)
5. pick up key then tap chest, complete the puzzle  146 859 711 (1-3 row) then insert number 1812 to get scissor and another key
6. use 1st key to open cabinet, then pick up spoon, use 2nd key to open book and pick up 1st map
8. use spoon to pick up 2nd map at coal, combine the map
9. use scissor to cut cover, then put the map, fix the map position ( see the lines to make it easier)

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