Time Travel Escape Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Level 4

1. pick up spoon
2. use spoon to dig at the floor, pick up hook and ear-stone
3. complete the jigsaw to get 2nd hook
4. put ear-stone at the top triangle, then see the symbol, move ear-stone to bottom triangle to see 2nd symbol
5. put all hook at the mummy to get diamond
6. put the diamond then change symbol to owl snake, chick and lion


Level 5

1. pick up sword
2. use sword to cut, then pick up lampion parts
3. pick up roll of paper
4. put roll of paper to get clue
5. set the position match with clue #4 24314 to get lampion
6. solve jigsaw to get clue paper (dragon)
7. put paper at book to see the lampion sequence
8. match the symbol (hiragana) arrangement with sword name
9. put the lampion at 3rd column and lampion part at 2nd column, now change the lampion symbol to man, tiger, fireball, dragon


Level 6

1. pick up stone and see clue at the chariot
2. pick up key and see clue (hole is the key direction)
3. pick up key then change the pulley same with clue at chariot, get key from fence
4. open padlock using key, see clue #2 key direction, pick up spear
5. use spear to remove stone, change symbol before fight until loose, pick up torch
6. put torch then use stone to lit on
7. put torch then use stone to lit on

Level 7 at page 3

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