The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms Walkthrough Level II 11 12 13 14 15 III 16

Hi friends now we want to share the mansion a puzzle of rooms walkthrough level 11 to 16 and also included part II and III, this puzzles walkthrough will be easier if posted using a video but we doesn’t have a screen video capture apps which compatible with our galaxy tab and we hope with this step by step guide you can solve every level easily.

level II : slide blue telephone room up, right then use blue telephone to teleport, down to ladder slide room right, down. now use red telephone to teleport then slide room down, left use red telephone to teleport, slide ladder up, up.

level 11 : slide room up, then use red cupboard ( exchange position ) slide room down, left, and up then open door.

level 12 : slide room right, up, use cupboard then slide down, left, left, up pick up a key, move ladder room right, right, up then use cupboard, then slide room up, walk left then use cupboard again, open door.

level 13 : walk right, slide room down, walk left, use cupboard, go up then use cupboard, slide ladder room right, go up and slide room left, down, walk to ladder room then slide room up, up and open door.

level 14 : slide room down, walk left, slide room up right, right, use telephone, use cupboard now open door.

level 15 : walk down, slide ladder room left, left and go up, use cupboard then slide room right, walk right and slide room down go down using ladder then pick up key, slide room up, walk right, go down, slide room left then open door.

level III : slide room down , right go up and pick up key but avoid creatures at same room with you, go down to bottom ladder, slide room left, up ( wait creature down) slide up walk right, go up and open door.

level 16 : go down then exchange green cupboard, use red telephone, use green telephone, exchange blue cupboard and pick up silver key, slide room down, walk left and go up, slide room right and open key, slide room down, down, left, use blue telephone, pick up gold key the slide room up, up, open door.

Cheats for the mansion a puzzle of rooms level 1 to 16 completed, this game very addicting a good brain teaser game with high quality game play, we suggest this game to all other puzzle game lover wich using iOS or android operating system.

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