Stump Riddles Answers Level 1 to 40

A new fun riddles game named stump riddles just downloaded into our ipod touch and today we just complete 40 level in this game we hope this answers or cheats can help you solve a level that make you stuck in this game. this game look a like one clue but it’s totally different riddles game just for fun and some times the question and answers are not logical so it’s just a game okay don’t be mad with the answers :).

1. stand eye : i understand
2. where do fish keep their money : riverbank
3. eye + scream mask : icecream
4. Mary’s father had four children nana Nene nini. what was the fourth’s name : mary
5. A + Door + A + bowling ball : adorable
6. sta4nce : for instance
7. arrow up and sand watch : time is up
8. what has hands, but cannot clap? : clock
9. car eye bee N : Caribbean
10. what is so delicate that saying its name breaks it? : silence
11. eye globe can : i love you
12. the person who invented it doesn’t want it the person who bought it doesn’t need it.
    the person who has it doesn’t know he has it. what is it? : coffin
13. Dom inside big O : domino
14. pen knee pin chair : penny pincher
15. vertical letters town : downtown
16. the more of it you have, the less you see : darkness
17. sun + dog : hot dog
18. big one with hole : hole in one
19. how many letters are in "the alphabet?" : eleven
20. ono ono : balloon
21. what is a 4-letter sport that starts with a T and is played all around the world : golf
22. 1 bucket 2 bucket 3 bucket 4 bucket : bucket list
23. arrow up + bee + T : up beat
24. red uction : reduction
25. goose bear EEEE : gooseberries
26. what can you catch, but not throw : cold
27. A father’s child, a mother’s child yet no one’s son. who am i? : daughter
28. what has to be broken before you can use it : egg
29. tire ant : tyrant
30. if you drop me, i’m sure to crack, but give me a smile, and i’ll always smile back. what am i? : mirror
31. what is black when it’s clean, and white when it’s dirty : black board
32. mosquito yin yang car hole : flying carpet
33. what word starts with "E" and ends with "E" but only has one letter? : envelope
35. 1. 2.blame 3.blame : no one to blame
36. what kind of room has no windows or doors? : mushroom
37. hot with smoke : smokin hot
38. read forwards, I’m heavy but backwards, I’m not. what am i? : ton
39. mary + mary : summary
40. what five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? : short

thank you for using our stump riddles cheats, this game still have a lot level to play so if you cannot solve a level in this game comeback here and we will help you win those difficult riddles.

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