Scratch Pics 1 Word Answers Level 1 – 40

Stuck with Scratch Pics 1 Word game? if the answers yes then you visit the right page this is it Scratch Pics 1 Word answers for level 1 to 40 just like play 4 pics 1 word in this game you should guess the picture show on the screen but the differences you must scratch screen before can see the picture less you scratch then bigger coins you got, ok lets check this solutions to continue play this game.

level 1: ghostlevel 2: carlevel 3: roselevel 4: panda
level 5: doglevel 6: baseballlevel 7: ladybuglevel 8: baby
level 9: penguinlevel 10: santalevel 11: runnerlevel 12: heart
level 13: keyboardlevel 14: smokelevel 15: bubblelevel 16: buddha
level 17: brickslevel 18: smilelevel 19: garbagelevel 20: laptop
level 21: fruitlevel 22: musiclevel 23: robotlevel 24: flower
level 25: jeanslevel 26: carousellevel 27: candylevel 28: ducks
level 29: easterlevel 30: kittenslevel 31: waveslevel 32: moon
level 33: kitchenlevel 34: lamblevel 35: clocklevel 36: poker
level 37: sundaelevel 38: trafficlevel 39: turtlelevel 40: eiffel

scratch pics 1 word answers completed, if you need cheats for other level please upload a screenshot to our facebook page we will help you find solutions.

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