Scary Escape Walkthrough level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Scary escape walkthrough another puzzle game developed by trapped, Another high quality puzzle game for android user available in 15 level but separated into 2 category 9 playable free and 6 in app purchase level, trust me this game worth for every puzzle or brain teaser game lover, FYI we play this game using my Samsung galaxy tab 7 2 without lag, error or glitch so we hope almost all device can download and play this game and working smoothly. Below are the guide to solve level 1 to 9, you can use this cheats if cannot find the solution.


Scary escape level 1:
1. pick up statue
2. see clue 3 2 4 3
3. set the symbol position to 3 2 4 3, then pick up 2nd statue
4. put all statue, pick up sword
5. insert sword into hole then, type : courage

Scary escape level 2:
1. see clue at door
2. open box using clue, pick up matches
3. pickup torch, combine torch and matches
4. see symbol direction
5. put torch on hand, pick up 1 symbol
6. put symbol then arrange direction, pick up key
7. open door using key

Scary escape level 3:
1. pick up bucket
2. pick up sword
3. fill bucket with water
4. throw water into fire, pick up switch
5. see clue : up down up down up
6. put switch then set position to : up down up down up, see another clue
7. set lever same with clue
8. use sword to cut deer horn
9. put horn and get wheel
10. put wheel

Scary escape level 4:
1. see clue
2. see clue
3. pick up cloth, tap letter SCARY and get letter REST
4. type REST then pick up another cloth, combine cloth to get rope, combine rope
5. use rope to open cage, pick up brick
6. put brick

Scary escape level 5:
1. pick up shovel, king Kong, use shovel to repel cat, then pick up marbles
2. tap pillow then pick up key and gorilla clue
3. put gorilla then change direction same with clue, pick up star
4. see clue 6259
5. open drawer pick up cube
6. open box using code 6259, pick up 2nd star then combine with another.
7. put star and cube, pick up another marbles
8. put all marbles into angel eye

Scary escape level 6:
1. pick up bottle
2. pick up sprayer, then combine with bottle
3. use sprayer to the plant, pick up glass tube
4. pick up seed
5. put seed into pot, then flush with liquid from glass tube, point all light into pot, pick up plant
6. put your plant, then tap left plant, right plant, middle plant. tap book and pick up leaf
7. put leaf into microscope to see clue
8. open chest using clue, pick up key

Scary escape level 7:
1. pick up tile
2. pick up bottle
3. put tile, change tiles to pink snake, green bat, yellow spider, pick up saw
4. pick up corkscrew, then use to open bottle
5. use bottle to flush paper, get clue FEAR
6. open box using word FEAR, pick up key
7. open drawer using key, pick up 2nd saw
8. use 1st saw to cut metal, use 2nd saw to cut metal

Scary escape level 8:
1. pick up 2 wire
2. pick up hammer, cloth and put wire
3. see clue ‘ooo’
4. use hammer to break wall, tap brick diagonally same with clue, pick up handle. see clue 325
5. set number indicator to 325, use cloth to clean indicator then change color to green, brown blue, pick up wheel
6. use white wire to remove chain, put handle and wheel to open door.

Scary escape level 9:
1. pick up lance
2. put lance into warrior
3. pick up cup
4. pick up 2nd cup, and see clue (candle direction)
5. put all cup into statue, pick up stick
6. change candle holder same with clue (4) pick up crossbow
7. put crossbow to right warrior, solve the jigsaw / puzzle then put stick, pick up crown and see the skull clue
8. change the monster face direction same with clue (7) pick up necklace
9. put crown and necklace to statue, get a key
10. open door

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