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While waiting Christmas in next few days you can try playing this game Santa escape walkthrough, this is a simple / light puzzle game created for the android operating system, match for kids and teenager. To play this game  is simple just find the way Santa open the chimney and go to another house of course in every house have different puzzle to open so it’s your jog to reveal it.

level 1. complete puzzle then tap pad lock.

level 2. find similar picture.

level 3. tap all balloon.

level 4. move stick into socks ( same color).

level 5. tap all present.

level 6. tap present and pick up a key, then use to open pad lock.

level 7. use hammer from your inventory then use to hit lampion : green, purple, pink, red left, white, red right , blue, yellow, orange.

level 8. find all rails and put it in front locomotive then press red button.

level 9. tap biggest present, pick up axe then use it to hit bricks.

level 10. pick up the cannon ball and insert into canon, pick up firework put at the cannon then open your inventory use match to burn fireworks.

level 11. pick up match at bottom right, use to lit up 8 candles.

level 12. tap start button then quickly tap same picture show in the start button.

level 13. count ball on left tree and right tree ( 5 – 9 )

level 14. see the letters S-A-N-T-A and remember the color. tap:  orange, blue, red, green, blue.

level 15. pick up hammer inside fireplace then use to hit right fireplace, pick up toy twister use it to the robot.

level 16. slide ball into the tree top to bottom : green, red, blue, purple, orange.

level 17. pick up pin then use to blow balloon, open all present and pick up all key parts, open your inventory and use the key to open padlock.

level 18. slide left and right curtain tap keypad then insert : 7681.

level 19. count item close with the empty space : 335364.

level 20. pick up carrot, branch, scarf then put on snowman, and also a hat from your inventory.

Congrats you just complete 20 level using our santa escape cheats, sometimes you must use a walkthrough to complete puzzles game, but for some expert they will try all possibilities before give up and use cheats, so we hope you try it first before decide to use a guide like posted above.

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