Pictoword: 2 Pics What’s the 1 Word – Answers Level 1 to 40

This is pictoword answers another amazing game that can be played on iPhone or Ipad and may be will be available for android in next few weeks. To play this game is simple, if you ever play pic combo game or pic mix this is similar with those game, you must guess the word combined from two object shown in each level.

level 1: bee and ginlevel 2: hand and doglevel 3: sand and witchlevel 4: lip and usb stick
level 5: fire and doglevel 6: sandwich and navylevel 7: suit and caselevel 8: sky and fair
level 9: chess and bowlinglevel 10: jump and ropelevel 11: pen and windowlevel 12: cork and screw
level 13: ear and ringlevel 14: necklace and casinolevel 15: dance and sawlevel 16: foot and ball
level 17: sleep and buttonlevel 18: bean and baglevel 19: data and shoeslevel 20: man and hole
level 21: jelly and fishlevel 22: girl and indianlevel 23: corn and doglevel 24: web and mailbox
level 25: rooster and nutlevel 26: fence and roadlevel 27: car and doglevel 28: mouth and wash
level 29: beach and sawlevel 30: hair and basketlevel 31: tea and spoonlevel 32: mill and lion
level 33: pot and leaflevel 34: glass and bowlevel 35: hedgerow and hoglevel 36: pen and leg
level 37: space and barlevel 38: pea and polelevel 39:cell and phonelevel 40: Santa and top

Pictoword have a lot level to play we will share all the solutions / answers if we already complete those level. Please share this page to your friends using Facebook or twitter if you like it.

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