Pic+Pic: 2 Pic Combo Answers Level 1 – 40

New amazing picture combo game just added into Google play market, if you already familiar with pic combo or pic mix and already complete all level on those game we suggest you to try this pic+pic 2 pic combo games which developed by Blue Beard, to play this game is similar with pic combo you must guess the answer by combine the object names.

level 1: eye and phonelevel 2: basket and balllevel 3: Barbie and linelevel 4: sun and glasses
level 5: dragon and flylevel 6: rain and deerlevel 7: finish and doughlevel 8: ham and coffee
level 9: lip and sticklevel 10: bee and leaflevel 11: bubble and toothlevel 12: can and doll
level 13: cross and letter wlevel 14: car and fruit rotlevel 15: butter and flylevel 16: egg and sitting
level 17: foot and printerlevel 18: buns and stomachlevel 19: sea and sawlevel 20: spider and male logo
level 21: milk shake and spearlevel 22: monk and keylevel 23: micro sd and wavelevel 24: photo and graph
level 25: britain flag and womblevel 26: bus and kinglevel 27: straw and berrylevel 28: mark and cup
level 29: dog and fishlevel 30: hair and bandlevel 31: bait and ovenlevel 32: door and key
level 33: cat and tall peoplelevel 34: golf and shirtlevel 35: fire and flylevel 36: note and book
level 37: wood and lakelevel 38: photo and bomblevel 39: sting and beamlevel 40: colosseum and ant

pic+pic 2 pic combo have more level to solve, we will continue to create answers for this game in next few hour after we can complete to level 80.

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