Pic Mix – Mix the Pics Answer Level 1 – 4

We continue to create pic mix: mix the pics answers for level 1 to 4 this is fun and addicting game, developed from games like pic combo idea but in this section you must guess the result if two object combined. For example if first picture is engine and second picture bicycle then the answers is motorcycle, simple right? but not all combination is understandable if you stuck and cannot solve this game use this solutions.

Level 1

dough and mushroomsengine and bicyclecar and checkerboardorange and juicer
worm and winghorse and zebrawax and ropenest and egg
grape and barrelstrawberry and jarcow and cansea and sand
sugar and dyeyarn and needlebread and hamcup and cloud

Level 2

snow and coatworker and rollerman and womanmoney and credit card
paper and inkstick and rattanwall and rooffan and heater
camera and papermattress and woodcassette and earphone monitor and circuit board
tent and clowncash register and shelfcorn and panmount and river
pine and Christmas decorationsfield and seedwood and matches water and refrigerator

Level 3

guitar and woman legbus and wingcog wheel and boardsunset and pool
police and polehorse and seatneck and hairwheel and board
cloth and windowhill and holefilm and seatbroadcaster and stage
fish and crocodilepepper and firelizard and paintduck and waitress
clown and candybook and blackboardshell and sandsoap and scrubber
cloth and feathermount and lavagunpowder and firechocolate and milk

Level 4

truck and turretcouple and ringship and mooringman and crown
horse and hornhouse and crosslizard and winggirl and wing
pipe and lenspaper and stamppotato and fryingrod and bait
doctor and petpole and netship and divercandy and stick
plant and nailwind and seabread and ovenseasoning and pot
scissor and tirecar and logosword and shoesphone and copier

mix the pics answers level 1 to 4 completed, if you need more level please visit our facebook page then upload your screenshot we will help you to find solutions.

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