Photo Quiz Answer Level 1 to 28

Need solutions with Photo Quiz game? this is it we already complete 28 puzzles and now want to share the answer to help you complete a level in this game, this game same with the famous 4 pics 1 word or whats the word game but with different puzzle and some puzzle quite difficult for me 😀

level 1: 5 letterslevel 2: 5 letters rail, subway,stationlevel 3: 4 letters milk, cow
level 4: 7 letters footprints, shoe, man walklevel 5: 6 letters siren, police carlevel 6: 4 letters fireplace, match, candle
level 7: 6 letters walking, sunset, jail, basket balllevel 8: 4 letters sand, boatlevel 9: 5 letters moon, sky, satellite dish
level 10: 5 letters glasslevel 11: 4 letters baby feet,baby seat, baby pacifierlevel 12: 6 letters grass, pot, watering can
level 13: 4 letters library, class, booklevel 14: 6 letters file, man, computer, desklevel 15: 7 letters airplane, tower, hall, parking
level 16: 5 letters lawn roller, horserace, horseshoelevel 17:4 letters stamp, mailbox, envelopelevel 18: 6 letters present, snow santa
level 19: 6 letters school bus, class, teacher, empty classlevel 20: 5 letters love sand, swimming, beachlevel 21: 4 letters blueberry, beehive, trees, fish
level 22: 5 letters guitar, hawaiian, meat, las vegaslevel 23: 8 letters mouse, apple, usb cable, binary codelevel 24: 9 letters drum, water drop, statue, ice in glass
level 25: 7 letters cut credit card, fire, wreck car, symbol krishnalevel 26: 8 letters sign, highway, map, meterlevel 27: 11 letters table, line, tennis ball, tire grip
level 28: 6 letters fork and spoon, number 2, worker, Argentina flag

Photo quiz answer completed, you can continue play this game with movies photo quiz level or buy an update to play more puzzles.

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