One Clue Answers Level 1 to 40

This is it one clue answers level 1 to 40 a simple “ crossword “ game hmm this is easier and more fun than a news paper crossword game that i ever see, yes it easier because you have first letter as clue and the other letters just scrambled below the clue. Just like our other post we create this cheats to help you solve a difficult letter so you can continue playing this game on your android or iphone.

baby stallion : foalshakespearean lover : romeoplace to learn abc’s : schoolcandy on stick : lollipop
boo : ghosthelps you feel better : doctorcreepy crawler : snakerain gear : umbrella
the dragon warrior : pandashrek : ogreheavenly tears : rainpest of peripheral : mouse
wine stopper : cork4 in a deck : queengood for eyes : carrotsport of kicks : soccer
headache reliever : aspirincurly haired dog : poodleman of steel : supermancan be full of hot air : balloon
teddy or polar : bearwall art : grafittihydrated raisin : grapesanta’s ride : sleigh
opposite of right : leftmoving pictures : cartoonveggie fry : potatoit sometimes crumbles : cookie
global warming gas : methanewater backup : damthey never forget : elephantheartless metal friend : tinman
sound of lightning : thundercould be major, minor or nation : league1440 in a day : minutedoctor’s assistant : nurse
shocking : electricgobble gobble : turkeyjump out of a plane : skydivetalk softly : whisper

answers one clue level 1 – 40 done, level 40 to 80 will be posted in different page if you need cheats for the other level please find it using our search form. If you love this game please consider to rate or share with other android and iphone user so this game will be more famous and make the developer happy.

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