Moviecrush Answers Level 1 - 40

A simple movie game just completed and this is the moviecrush answers level 1 to 40, this game released yesterday for iphone, ipad and ipod touch a lot level available to play but we just try 40, a good designed game easy to play and simple. But there’s a little bug or it can be a cheats we can use help and the number not reduced after 10x use.

1 : world war z2 : breaking dawn3 : despicable me4 : rambo
5 : alexander6 : ace ventura7 : star wars8 : the queen
9 : x men10 : the hobbit11 : the mummy12 : troy
13 : jurassic park14 : the tourist15 : the mask16 : shutter island
17 : harry potter18 : dark knight19 : braveheart20 : man of steel
21 : terminator22 : twilight23 : the matrix24 : thor
25 : captain america26 : lincoln27 : iron man28 : hangover 2
29 : speed30 : the last samurai31 : sex and the city32 : superman
33 : the great gatsby34 : benjamin button35 : a hijacking36 : kill bill
37 : saw 238 : collateral39 : apocalypto40 : kung fu panda

after completing 40 level of moviecrush answers, we still want to play more level but before we can solve 40 we wont post it here so please be patient waiting our other cheats for this game, although you can share your result by a screenshot and upload into our Facebook page it’s very appreciated.

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