Mega Logo Quiz Answers Pack 1 Level 1 - 30

Mega logo quiz answers level 1 to 30 for pack 1, a new logo guessing game for iphone and ipad this first level is the easiest we hope all player can solve it without using cheats or solutions from internet, but if you’re new in this game and cannot solve a level you can use your coins to reveal the answers or use our screenshot below.

1 : pringles2 : toyota3 : kellogs4 : ibm
5 : mcdonalds6 : barbie7 : nescafe8 : bmw
9 : twitter10 : nike11 : quiksilver12 : intel
13 : levis14 : ebay15 : samsung16 : microsoft
17 : skype18 : michelin19 : starbucks20 : volkswagen
21 : citroen22 : reebok23 : mtv24 : nissan
25 : canon 26 : hp27 : chanel28 : redbull
29 : netscape30 : dodge

mega logo quiz game is a fund game right? maybe some of you already play other logo quiz game but this is different : good image quality, scrambled letters, huge hints or credit. Overall we’re happy to share this game to others iphone and ipad gamers but still hoping this game also released for android in next few days.

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