May 08 09 10 2015 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle

Answers for 7 little words daily puzzle may 08 09 and 10 for this question: legitimate, quite powerful, watching, movie scores, complains, without emotion, does something occasionally, piggy, forcefully, in music, outdoor eater, morally ignorant, based on trust, cancellation, punctuality, “Mule Train” singer Frankie, train puller 5letters, train of attendants, train of thought necessity, speedy train, train stopper, train engine of kids’ lit . 7 little words is addicting word game, but not easy to solve the puzzle so I create this cheats to help other player solve the game before they give up, with the difficult question. This game not only for android but iPhone and ipad user can also play 7 little words in their device. So if you stuck in this game just find the answers at our result below.

May 08 2015 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle

legitimate 9 letters : STATUTORY
quite powerful 9 letters : STRONGISH
watching 10 letters : SPECTATING
movie scores 11 letters : SOUNDTRACKS
complains 8 letters : GRUMBLES
without emotion 9 letters : STOICALLY
does something occasionally 7 letters : DABBLES

May 09 2015 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle

piggy 7 letters : HOGGISH
forcefully, in music 7 letters : FURIOSO
outdoor eater 9 letters : PICNICKER
morally ignorant 9 letters : BENIGHTED
based on trust 8 letters : FIDUCIAL
cancellation 11 letters : ABOLISHMENT
punctuality 10 letters : PROMPTNESS

May 10 2015 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle

“Mule Train” singer Frankie 5 letters : LAINE
train puller 5letters : BRIDE
train of attendants 7 letters : CORTEGE
train of thought necessity 9 letters : COHERENCE
speedy train 6 letters : MAGLEV
train stopper 8 letters : BRAKEMAN
train engine of kids’ lit 6 letters : THOMAS

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