Logo Quiz World Answers Level 4

Hello readers, now i want to share logo quiz world answers for level 4, i found this game at google play and i just want to try this new game because I’ve already try so many logo quiz game and inside the game are suing same logo but in different level so playing logo quiz world is just like play same game over and over, so i can solve many levels just in few minutes, but if you just trying a logo quiz game because you live in the jungle before then watch my answers below when cannot solve a logo.

Logo Quiz World Answers Level 4

1. Expedia
2. Intel
3. Hertz
4. Windows
5. GAP
6. Calvin Klein
7. Bing
8. Dish Network
9. Netflix
10. Old Navy
11. Staples
12. Doritos
13. Energizer
14. Kraft
15. Colgate
16. Buick
17. Lee
18. Toys R Us
19. 7-Eleven
20. Delta
21. Marriott
22. Hilton
23. General Motors
24. Yahoo
25. T.J. Maxx

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