Logo Quiz Close Up Answers Level 3 4

We just complete Logo quiz close up level 3 and 4 and this is the answers for those level, we hope you can continue playing after using this cheats, because we know when we stuck at some level sometimes using a cheats to reveal the answers is better than stop playing addicting game like logo quiz. Unfortunately this game only available in 5 level we hope developer will add more level soon after we complete level 5.

Level 3

1 : continental2 : castrol3 : peugeot4 : bic
5 : nokia6 : michelin7 : audi8 : mercedes
9 : suzuki10 : bmw11 : toyota12 : jaguar
13 : evian14 : skoda15 : maserati16 : daewoo
17 : perrier18 : hertz19 : campbells20 : dhl

Level 4

1 : hewlettpackard2 : dunkindonuts3 : hyundai4 : britishairways
5 : esso6 : subaru7 : samsung8 : logitech
9 : kenwood10 : axa11 : wilson12 : landrover
13 : astonmartin14 : bentley15 : esprit16 : greyhound
17 : kia18 : harrods19 : ups20 : mobil

Level 3 and 4 logo quiz close up answers completed, level 5 will posted soon after we can complete all 20 stages, you can share your game result at our facebook page that’s will be useful for other player that find solutions at our page.

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