IQ Cheats level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 | What’s My IQ for iPhone and Ipad

Do you love to play What’s My IQ game on your iPhone or ipad? this is very exciting game you should try it on your iPhone and this will be addicting to play level by level. i am already pass 16 level i just start play  What’s My IQ today, fist time i though i must answer with serious answer but it’s definitely wrong, to answer this IQ test game you need to be “smart”. i will show you the IQ cheats / answer for several level i hope this can help you save your cheats for difficult level.

IQ Cheats level 1

IQ Cheats level 2

IQ Cheats level 3

IQ Cheats level 4

IQ Cheats level 5

IQ Cheats level 6

IQ Cheats level 7

IQ Cheats level 8

IQ Cheats level 9

IQ Cheats level 10

Download IQ game directly from your iPad or iPhone  i guarantee you will be fun with this game next cheats will be available soon after i complete next 10 level

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