Iconmania Ultimate Answers Level 1 to 40

Iconmania ultimate is a new game and no connection with famous game icomania which already famous but this two game have similarity, yeah right it have same concept : guessing famous person, country, city, tv & movies, character and brand. Play icomania ultimate just like a ‘deja vu’ for us because we already play a lot game similar with this, but this game created with good graphic design, so we recommend you to try this game.

1 : Finding Nemo2 : Mcdonalds3 : Barack Obama4 : Batman
5 : Australia6 : The Simpsons7 : Coca Cola8 : Michael Jackson
9 : Harry Potter10 : United States
1 : Lion King2 : Apple3 : Bill Gates4 : Spongebob
5 : Great Britain6 : Titanic7 : Facebook8 : Dalai Lama
9 : Snoopy10 : France
1 : Elf2 : Verizon3 : Steve Jobs4 : Darth Vader
5 : China6 : Breaking bad7 : Walmart8 : Elvis
9 : Mickey Mouse10 : Egypt
1 : Jurassic Park2 : Amazon3 : Marilyn Monroe4 : Pikachu
5 : India6 : Ice Age7 : Google8 : Oprah
9 : Popeye10 : Brazil

Iconmania Ultimate Answers created in just 30 minutes or less, why it’s because level 1 to 4 is very easy to solve all character, country and people are very famous but we hope in higher level will be more difficult to guess so it’s makes us feel this is a new challenging game. But the reason we creating this cheats is we know every day there’s thousand new iphone or ipad user and some of them maybe try this game and stuck.

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