Icon Pop Song Answers Level 16 and 17

Icon pop song just add new puzzle level 16 and 17 we just complete this two level, at first we though will be difficult to complete this new level but luckily i found a trick so we can solve this 2 level 338-385 only in 30 minutes. Below is our screenshot and the answers song title or artist name, we hope this game will be available for android platform to gain more player and make alegrium became more famous in word and song game.

Level 16

song title 6 letters : cruisesong title 6 letters : demonsartist 6 letters : aviciiartist 10 letters : craig david
song title 13 letters : counting starsartist 7 letters : beyoncesong title 12 letters : people like usartist 11 letters : taylor swift
song title 9 letters : just dancesong title 12 letters : gone gone gonesong title 7 letters : the timeartist 7 letters : rihanna
song title 8 letters : suga sugasong title 6 letters : deja vuartist 11 letters : mariah careyartist 9 letters : bruno mars
song title 6 letters : royalssong title 5 letters : faithartist 10 letters : switchfootartist 8 letters : coldplay
artist 8 letters : olly mursartist 5 letters : adelesong title 10 letters : wonderwallsong title 12 letters : crash my party

Level 17

song title 14 letters : always be my babyartist 10 letters : lana del reysong title 11 letters : walking awaysong title 8 letters : right now
song title 5 letters : magic artist 7 letters : rihannaartist 8 letters : lady gagasong title 10 letters : brand new me
song title14 letters : everybody talksartist 4 letters : pinkartist 11 letters : taylor swiftartist 13 letters : britney spears
song title 14 letters : since u been goneartist 7 letters : pitbullsong title 5 letters : my booartist 8 letters : coldplay
artist 10 letters : simple plansong title13 letters : beautiful soulsong title 10 letters : back in timeartist 10 letters : linkin park
song title 8 letters : wake me upsong title 5 letters : 7 dayssong title 6 letters : oc gunsartist 11 letters : havana brown

We hope you can use our icon pop song cheats level 16 and 17 to solve a difficult song title in this game, but before using a cheats or answers you can use your credit to reveal a letter or remove unwanted letter then use anagram solver to find the answers but sometimes this method cannot used if the song title or artist name too short.

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