Icon Pop Brain Characters Answers

Icon pop brain Characters answers Level 1 to 5 and more than 90 stages because each level contains 10 to 20 stages. I know some level are very easy to solve but if you reach level 3 and higher you will found a difficult puzzle, so this icon pop brain Characters answers will be useful to every player that still want to continue play the game. This Characters category only contains TV series and movie characters puzzle so if you often go to cinema or love to watching TV series then this level will be very easy to win and our icon pop brain cheats below will be unusable.

Icon Pop Brain Characters Cheats

Icon Pop Brain Characters Level 1

Stage 1-1 Elmo
Stage 1-2 Thor
Stage 1-3 Yoda
Stage 1-4 Xena
Stage 1-5 Elsa
Stage 1-6 Joker
Stage 1-7 Tintin
Stage 1-8 Barbie
Stage 1-9 Popeye
Stage 1-10 Gandalf

Icon Pop Brain Characters Level 2

Stage 2-1 Spongebob
Stage 2-2 Wonder Woman
Stage 2-3 Garfield
Stage 2-4 Willy Wonka
Stage 2-5 Harry Potter
Stage 2-6 Forrest Gump
Stage 2-7 Luke Skywalker
Stage 2-8 Bart Simpson
Stage 2-9 Peter Pan
Stage 2-10 Ace Ventura
Stage 2-11 Richie Rich
Stage 2-12 Yogi Bear
Stage 2-13 Bugs Bunny
Stage 2-14 Lois Lane
Stage 2-15 James Bond
Stage 2-16 Hercules
Stage 2-17 Woody Woodpecker
Stage 2-18 Santa Claus
Stage 2-19 Sherlock Holmes
Stage 2-20 Scooby-doo

Icon Pop Brain Characters Level 3

Stage 3-1 Aladdin
Stage 3-2 Mickey Mouse
Stage 3-3 Cookie Monster
Stage 3-4 Tinker Bell
Stage 3-5 Inspector Gadget
Stage 3-6 Snow White
Stage 3-7 Robocop
Stage 3-8 Ebenezer Scrooge
Stage 3-9 Pink Panther
Stage 3-10 Buzz Lightyear
Stage 3-11 Albus Dumbledore
Stage 3-12 Catwoman
Stage 3-13 Hannibal Lecter
Stage 3-14 Captain Jack Sparrow
Stage 3-15 Optimus Prime
Stage 3-16 Lex Luthor
Stage 3-17 Kermit The Frog
Stage 3-18 Rocky Balboa
Stage 3-19 Poison Ivy
Stage 3-20 Road Runner

Icon Pop Brain Characters Level 4

Stage 4-1 Jessica Rabbit
Stage 4-2 Marry Poppins
Stage 4-3 Pocahontas
Stage 4-4 Macgyver
Stage 4-5 Daffy Duck
Stage 4-6 Tasmanian Devil
Stage 4-7 Ronald Mcdonald
Stage 4-8 Buffy Summers
Stage 4-9 Phoebe Buffay
Stage 4-10 Carrie Bradshaw
Stage 4-11 Jiminy Cricket
Stage 4-12 The Grinch
Stage 4-13 Felix The Cat
Stage 4-14 Ally Mcbeal
Stage 4-15 Jay Gatsby
Stage 4-16 Hello Kitty
Stage 4-17 Katniss Everdeen
Stage 4-18 Claire Bennet
Stage 4-19 Jimmy Neutron
Stage 4-20 Green Arrow

Icon Pop Brain Characters Level 5

Stage 5-1 Leia Morgana
Stage 5-2 Lara Croft
Stage 5-3 Captain Haddock
Stage 5-4 Roger Rabbit
Stage 5-5 Vanellope Von Schweetz
Stage 5-6 Krusty The Clown
Stage 5-7 Van Helsing
Stage 5-8 Napoleon Dynamite
Stage 5-9 Marty Mcfly
Stage 5-10 Chester Cheetah
Stage 5-11 Mad Hatter
Stage 5-12 Donkey Kong
Stage 5-13 Freddy Krueger
Stage 5-14 Black Widow
Stage 5-15 Jack Bauer
Stage 5-16 Veronica Mars
Stage 5-17 Sheldon Cooper
Stage 5-18 Lord Voldemort
Stage 5-19 Dexter Morgan
Stage 5-20 Saul Goodman

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