Icomania – What’s the Icon Answers Level 4 5 6 for Android

When you stuck with this icon game, then you need this icomania what’s the icon answers for level 4 to 6, because we already create the answers for level 1 to 3 in other post so if you need that solutions just use search form at top right to find my previous post about this game. For some gamer to win this game is very easy because they already experience play puzzle game like guess the brand, quiz logo or icomania but some new android user that download this game still need help to solve what’s the icon game when they stuck.

So we create this post to help a new android or iOS gamer that can pass a level because they don’t know the answers.

Level 4

famous people : pitbullfamous people : fidel castrocity : rio de janeirocharacter : gollum
city : sydneycharacter : mowglibrand : lexustv & movies : forrest gump
brand : pirellifamous people : winfreycountry : francecharacter : mcdonald
city : pariscountry : australiatv & movies : scrubstv & movies : rango
brand : wikipediacharacter : inspector gadgetcountry : japancity : london
country : chiletv & movies : ipmanbrand : lufthansafamous people : sanders

Level 5

famous people : bellcity : tokyocountry : russiabrand : mozilla
brand : blackberrycity : new yorkfamous people : kanye westtv & movies : glee
tv & movies : friday the 13thcountry : chinacharacter : flashfamous people : che guevara
brand : nokiafamous people : mike tysoncharacter : donatellotv & movies : ghost rider
character : roncity : seoulcharacter : olive oylbrand : doodle jump
city : washingtontv & movies : two and a half mencountry : mexicocountry : united kingdom

Level 6

brand : cnnbrand : pacmancountry : usacharacter : kermit the frod
country : indiafamous people : eminemcharacter : fidodidotv & movies : avatar
famous people : kardashianbrand : oakleytv & movies : hangovercharacter : homer
tv & movies : boltfamous people : mansonbrand : dolbytv & movies : borat
coutry : spainfamous people : michael jacksoncountry : venezuelabrand : suzuki
tv & movies : game of thronescharacter : spockcharacter : mr potato headfamous people : seal

level 1 to 6 what’s the icon answers completed, we will continue post solutions for the higher level after we can solve next 3 level, because we need to create screenshot before we can share it with you. Please share this post or like our website at facebook.

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