Hi Guess The Place Answers Level 4 for Iphone and Ipad

Now we want to share hi guess the place answers level 4 this update available yesterday at itunes store, in this update cammax only add 1 level with 30 stages contains city and country that you should guess where is it. Use this solutions to guess difficult place in this game, because sometimes you cannot solve a level in the beginning but easily answers higher level.

71 : north korea72 : denmark73 : portugal74 : liverpool
75 : china76 : venezuela77 : belgium78 : vatican
79 : hong kong80 : shanghai81 : jordan82 : melbourne
83 : tokyo84 : austria85 : vienna86 : jerusalem
87 : jamaica88 : istanbul89 : new zealand90 : iran
91 : athens92 : romania93 : syria94 : nepal
95 : ireland96 : hungary97 : scotland98 : thailand
99 : chicago100 : morocco

well done level 4 completed, wait three or five day to wait a new level added by the developer, but while waiting an update you can try emoji pop games, this game available for android and iphone free.

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