Hi Guess the Movie Answers Level 1 2 3 4 5

Finally we can create hi guess the movie answers not only 1 level  but we create 5 level in this post in each level there’s 10 or 30 stages or if we count it all there’s 130 stages, this is not a difficult games like a brain test or IQ test you just need to guess a movie by it’s picture but the developer redraw the picture into a cartoon.

1: shrek2: transformers3: cars4: harry potter
5: ice age6: king kong7: the lion king8: avatar
9: the lorax10: brave

Level 1

11: aladdin12: madagascar13: argo14: the iron lady
15: wreck it ralph16: mr bean17: da vinci code18: v for vendetta
19: ghost rider20: austin powers21: twilight22: life of pi
23: spongebob24: taken25: finding nemo26: indiana jones
27: les miserables28: blade29: roman holiday30: scream
31: cinderella32: spiderman33: men in black34: ted
35: the hobbit36: platoon37: the smurf38: captain america
39: resident evil40: hangover

Level 2


41: blood diamond42: kill bill43: borat44: star wars
45: troy46: monsters inc47: die hard48: tomb raider
49: fight club50: bridesmaids51: the matrix52: incredibles
53: shutter island54: simpsons movie55: fantastic four56: hellboy
57: identity thief58: chicago59: robocop60: rocky
61: despicable me62: saw63: machete64: speed racer
65: star trek66: pink panther67: the god father68: dark knight
69: pocahontas70: gi joe

Level 3

71: ace ventura72: kings speech73: amelia74: the green mill
75: x men76: mary poppins77: cloverfield78: watchmen
79: grenn lantern80: bambi81: toy story82: jurassic park
83: rio84: scooby doo85: forrest gump86: jaws
87: jungle book88: brave heart89: peterpan90: planet terror
91: casper92: psycho93: mary and max94: sin city
95: sleepy hollow96: megamind97: the mask98: bruce almighty
99: one day100: hannibal

Level 4

101: billy elliot102: resevoir dogs103: citizen kane104: underworld
105: zorro106: snow white107: identity108: yogi bear
109: karate kid110: due date111: wolverine112: ratatouille
113 : titanic114: top gun115: juno116: pans labyrinth
117: phone booth118: ET119: the ring120: the terminal
121: great escape122: the x files123: scarface124: troy
125: truman show126: tangled127: wall e128: godzilla
129: the dictator130: mars attack

hi guess the movie cheats level 1 to 5 completed, wait few hours to get the next level answers, while waiting our update you can play hi guess the brand or hi guess the place which also developed by cammax.

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