Hacker’s Escape Walkthrough

Hacker’s escape walkthrough can help you complete the game in a simple step by step guide with a screenshot and text. This is single room escape game with many puzzle that must be solved to escape from this room. We need more than 30 minutes to complete hackers escape game with ipod 5th generation other player may can solve this game less than 30 minutes. To convert  hex to decimal you can use PC calculator, change view to programmer then choose hex type the letter BAD then change to dec it will show you 2989.

pick up ink, envelope, tap bucket, see number

pick up can and vcr

open envelope to get clue : ETER

use strong hand to get 1st lens

pick up paper ball,  tap desk

pick up camera and papers

camera and papers

tap notebook

type ETER

see 1 files

pick up power cord

pick up USB behind pillow

use strong hand to open drawer

pick up key

tap posters

tap 2nd posters

tap 3rd poster and get word BAD

use key to open cupboard

pick up mouse and baby powder

open PC casing and get knife


pick up magnifying glass

put papers

combine can and powder

combine can and camera


plug camera into USB cable

put ink

pick up print

use knife to cut print

now you have finger print

use USB at notebook

see number 1827

combine strong hand and magnifying glass to get 2nd lens

combine vcr and lens

vcr set

plug cord

put finger print

put mouse

pc setup OK

Plug vcr

there’s key in the middle

right screen insert 1827

left screen insert 267

middle screen insert 2989 (letter BAD in hexa if converted into decimal = 2989 ) clue from paper ball

key is gone

pick up key

use key to open door

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