Guess The Millennium Answers Level 3 - 4

This is the update for guess the millennium answers level 3 and 4, this post contains 20 answers which in each level contains 10 pictures with different categories including actor, movie, game, clothing & apparel, book, author, athlete and many more, if you grow up in 2000, then you will easily solve each picture and for the difficult part you can use this answers to solve.

Level 3

1 : Internet : google2 : tv shows : mad men3 : music : beyonce4 : model : adriana lima
5 : electronics : kindle6 : character : jack sparrow7 : tv show : walking dead8 : music : lorde
9 : president : george w bush10 : music : the jonas brothers

Level 4

1 : video game : the sims2 : video games : resident evil3 : internet : eharmony4 : internet : ebay
5 : tv show : downton abbey6 : famous peson : pope francis7 : video games : farmville8 : movies : sherlock holmes
9 : video games : max payne10 : tv shows : gossip girl

Guess the millennium answers level 3 and 4 completed, next level will be available soon, this game available both for android and iphone so if you didn’t use android and have iphone you still can play this game. Share your result at our facebook page, there’s lot gamer discuss bout this game so you can found person with same interest at our page.

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