Guess The Millennium Answers Level 11 - 12

This is our promises we will help you solve guess the millennium game using our cheats and now we reach level 11 and 12, not to difficult like the previous version guess the 90s, this game little bit easier because all picture used in guess the millennium still a new and we can easily remember or guess it except for several category like book or toys, to solve this two category we must upload a screenshot to search engine before it’s guessed, and below is our complete result.

Level 11

1 : movies : hunger games2 : character : dallas3 : food & drink : pinkberry4 : movies : finding nemo
5 : internet : gawker6 : movies : superbad7 : famous person : steve jobs8 : actress : megan fox
9 : video games  : little big planet10 : athlete : kobe bryant

Level 12

1 : toys : squinkies2 : character : edward3 : event : hurricane katrina4 : movies : tropic thunder
5 : book : the da vinci code6 : music video : the real slim shady7 : toys : beyblade8 : character : margot tenenbaum
9 : toys : bratz 10 : music : lady gaga

okay level 1 to 12 guess the millennium completed now we want to take a rest a while, this game cheats will be updated in different pages, but now i want to go out a while. Bookmark our website to continue using answers for this game that’s not embarrassing because all your friends do that LOL.

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