Guess The Millennium Answers Level 1 - 2

We just found another game created by random logic games named guess the millennium, 4 level already solved and this is the answers. If you ever play guess the 90s, 80s or 70s then you will easily complete this game because some level have same picture to guess and we create this cheats for player that never play the other version of guess the millennium.

Level 1

1 : clothing & apparel : skinny jeans2 : technology : apps3 : product : segway4 : product : plug ins
5 : clothing & apparel : trucker hat6 : movies : twilight7 : internet : youtube8 : athlete : michael phelps
9 : music : macklemore10 : actor : chris hemsworth

Level 2

1 : president : barack obama2 : book : divergent3 : actor : paul walker4 : products : go pro
5 : music : kanye west6 : gaming : xbox 3607 : famous person : kim kardashian8 : movies : shrek
9 : athlete : tom brady10 : music : miley cyrus

Among the familiar category we didn’t found a toy category and this is the hardest category in 90s game, we are sure you can guess each picture in athlete, actor, movie, book, music category but for the other category you can use our guess the millennium answers level 1 and 2.

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