Guess The Food Answers Level 7 - 8

We just want to continue creating guess the food answers for level 7 and 8 after stuck in cluepics game, this game little bit easier than other word game but a lot player play guess the food may be just because this game not too difficult to solve and can refresh your memory. Some picture in this game has been cropped into small part it’s make we can’t read the word correctly, so if you need a solutions for this game just continue read this post

Level 7


Level 8


well done this is cheats guess the food level 7 and 8, we love to play more level but if we post too many cheats in one page our website load will be slower, so each post only contains 2 level which it contain more than 14 stage in each level. You can share this solutions with other player using facebook, twitter or Google plus.

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