Guess the Food Answers Level 22

Guess the food just add 1 level in this update developer create level 22, doesn’t need long time to answers all stage in this level and now we posted here to guide other player which cannot solve a food name, we still hoping that after we complete this level we can play another new game similar with this food guess game, before using our solutions below you can use your credit to show a letter or remove a letter.

Level 22

1 : jack links2 : folgers3 : kelloggs4 : nilla
5 : rockstar6 : metromint7 : jif8 : the laughing cow
9 : whoppers10 : trident11 : mio12 : smuckers
13 : welchs14 : sour patch15 : sunsweet16 : ragu

Now we already complete 22 level in this game but unfortunately today we can’t play more level and post the result here because update still not available, but don’t worry hi guess the food another game which have similar concept just add few new level, ok lets try to solve it all.

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