Guess the Brand Logo Mania Answers Level 18

Guess the brand logo mania update by request for level 18, if you still have a lot credit then solve every level in this game is easy and fast because you can use the credit to see hints, add a letter or remove unused letters. But if no more credit available you must use a cheats or answers to solve a stage in level 18 then continue playing and try to win this game until no more level.

1 : nato2 : fosters3 : halls4 : seagate
5 : formula16 : axn7 : pilot8 : eroski
9 : endomondo10 : lancome11 : kappa12 : red hat
13 : wella14 : scania15 : newsweek16 : thai airways
17 : gi joe18 : comedy central19 : clearasil20 : minecraft
21 : virgin22 : always23 : lukoil24 : H&M
25 : fifth gear26 : top gear27 : mercedes28 : dendy
29 : maybach30 : ozoshi31 : next32 : panasonic
33 : patek philippe34 : realtek35 : chupa chups36 : chicco
37 : acura38 : zeiss39 : bundesliga40 : the home depot
41 : ryanair42 : off43 : msn44 : geely
45 : pierre cardin46 : malaysia airlines47 : padi48 : discovery

Actually i want add two level for guess the brand cheats today but i am to tired after fix my motorcycle, but i promises tomorrow we will add more answers for this game, there’s few glitch for the answers above H&M become H& i hope developer will fix this on next update, use this answers only when you stuck and no more credit available.

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