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After completing more than 100 level in Guess the 90’s game now we continue publish answers for level 121 to 140, nothing difference just some new category available at this level and it’s making this game more and more wider. If you try to solve this game by your own from the beginning you should keep that, because once you use a cheats then you will use it again and again just like candy cheats are sweet but if too many it’s can make toothache, so we hope you can use your memory to remember the picture in this game before using this answers.

121 : beavis and butthead122 : doom123 : home alone124 : lamb chops play alone
125 : dont wake daddy126 : amazon127 : austin powers128 : mp3 player
129 : pinky and the brain130 : sky dancer131 : mazda miata132 : jim carrey
133 : good burger134 : nirvana135 : goosebumps136 : jurassic park
137 : saturday night live138 : michael jordan139 : clarissa140 : orbitz

This is it you just complete 140 level of guess the 90s using our answers, if you like this post please share or tweet this page using facebook and twitter so you can help other player win this game until the last level, it’s around 400 level available to play until today and still updating, we hope you can play until the last level.

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