Google Play Store Promo Game Price only {{ $content }}.25

Did you know promo offered by Google for 5 days in celebration of their total application downloads to reach 25 billion? Every day offered a variety of premium apps with super cheap discount price. On the 4th day this application offered by Google in promo price.

Below is a list of games priced at just $ 0.25 in the Android Market:
Broken Sword: Director’s Cut (game)
Sky Safari (game)
Cut the Rope (game)
Where’s My Perry? (game)
Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro (app)
RealCalc Plus (app)
Madden NFL 12 (game)
UK Bus Checker (app)
Pool Break Pro (games)
Order & Chaos Online (game)
Cogs (game)
Camera ZOOM FX (app)

don’t be late visit Google play store to purchase applications and games with the promo price

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