Floors Escape Level 4 5 6

update walkthrough Floors escape level 4 ,5 ,6. yesterday we create walkthrough for another lower level and now is the last 3 level for this game before the update available. to find solutions or clue in this game is easy just tap in all object look suspicious then try to combine and use it with other object if you lucky you will found the way. is that simple? of course no we try to solve this level a day full before we can complete until level 6 without cheats or hints from another source.


Floors escape level 4: pickup battery at left sofa and remote under the table, combine remote and battery use it with  TV it will show a 4 color blue, orange, white, red, pick up coin underneath right sofa use this coin at machine vending machine then set color show on TV. Pick up the bottle, pickup bottle opener above vending machine use it open bottle you will get a code use it open elevator.

Floors escape level 5:pick up purple key above clock, go to table pick up a puzzle complete this puzzle and you will get a code 3857, use this code to open drawers (9) take a blue key, go to sofa move the pillow pick up UV lamp, use this UV lamp at the phone you can see green number, go to wooden chest at bottom right  use the blue key and purple key tap the circle just like what you see green circle at the phone, pick up elevator button then use to call elevator.

Floors escape level 6: tap at middle bookshelf pick up green key use this key open red box at the table, pick up usb stick, use usb stick at notebook, it will show blue, green red circle, go to painting tap change corner circle make it same with what you see at notebook, you get code 5826, use this code open middle drawers, pick up needle use this needle at bookshelf handle, pick up red key then use this key open red lock at bottom drawers then tap red button make it turn to green. go to elevator.

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