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Escape the mansion walkthrough a new puzzle game from gipnetix game developer, this is the high quality freemium game, what is freemium? freemium mean this game is free but you can buy item inside the game like clue, map, cheats, or even skip the level. We can say this is the sequel for the famous game 100 doors because its created by same developer which already proven when develop a puzzle game, this is what developer say about this game:

Absolutely NEW, addictive and challenging game – Escape The Mansion!
Brings you to the mysterious mansion with a lot of great puzzles and popular mini-games.

Main Features :
? 50 Levels (each update will add new levels)
? Great Sounds
? FANTASTIC graphic!!
? Complete utilization of your devices features!
? Different themed floors!
? it’s FREE!

Supported languages : English, Russian (in further updates will be added German, Spain, French, Korea, Japanese, Chinese and others)

Okay lets start the guide.

Escape the mansion level 1. pick up crowbar then use it to remove wooden bar.

Escape the mansion level 2. tap the painting, pick up a key behind painting and use it to open door.

Escape the mansion level 3. tilt left and right to make marble not fall.

Escape the mansion level 4. shake your android until key fall from roof.

Escape the mansion level 5. just like play car park, you should make the key out from the square, use unlimited time to make it easier.

Escape the mansion level 6. tap help then choose sphere.

Escape the mansion level 7. slide the block left and right.

Escape the mansion level 8. touch and hold left wheel until it’s stop then touch and hold right wheel.

Escape the mansion level 9. pick up crowbar then use it to open left tile then pick up key, tap painting then pick up key, use key to open padlock then use crowbar to open last padlock.

Escape the mansion level 10. similar with plumber games connect the pipe from top left to right pipe in 15 second.

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